Improve your financial situation by participating in our Good Actors Reward Incentive (GARI) program.

What is the GARI program?

The GARI program is an opportunity given to anyone willing to contribute to our growth. With a minimum contribution of US $3 a month to our cause, One individual or entity gets a chance to receive a donation of up to 10 percent of the generated revenue by the program for such current month from “lebien”. We have a drawing on the first day of every month dealing with the affairs of the previous one. There is a minimum of 100 participants required for any period for the program to go into effect for such period. There is a cap on the amount an individual or entity may receive; it is US $100.000.

Who gets to participate?

Anyone willing to help us grow and ready to change the lives of others as well as their own for the better.

It is not necessary to be a registered member.

Discrimination of any kind is not allowed within our rank.

How do I participate?

You simply have to visit one of our reaching points and donate.

The reaching points are as follows:

Contribute to the common good and encourage others to do the same. There is a minimum of 100 contributors on a monthly basis needed in order to trigger the program.

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