Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenido, Byenveni, Huang-ying, Willkommen, Kuwakaribisha

Wherever you are from, you are now home. This is what our Creator wanted for us when he created us and placed us here as a tiny piece of this great puzzle, his wonderful work: “the Universe”. He wanted us to feel home. Therefore, bring your body and your mind, and make yourself at home.
I am profoundly delighted to have you. They are not too many that have a chance to rediscover themselves under a different angle as you are in the process to. This requires a great understanding level from your part and some trust. These two will help you find your way to God’s will as His creature with all the potential powers to master yourself and your environment.
The financial support that you bring to the Institution through the membership dues does not grant you an ownership right or the right to decide in the Institution’s affairs. It solely allows you to receive our services at a discounted rate which is determined at the time of any given transaction. You are considered a sympathizer or honorary member. You may only become a member after taking our psychological test, at no cost. Such test is given periodically, when judged appropriate. It consists of 77 (seventy seven) questions and does not require any special skill, but the ability to think.
Lebienism is all about the goodness in nature. It is the incarnation of positive thinking. We strongly believe that evil in society can be overpowered by those who let themselves conducted honestly by the Holy spirit with God’s help.
God created us and gave us the ability to transform ourselves and our environment through the spiritual component that he equipped us with. That special component which may only be referred to in the abstract is more powerful than you could ever imagine. It has no boundaries and may not be restrained. You should never feel compelled or obligated to be on our rank because that freedom to decide and act has been granted to you by your Creator himself. Therefore, if for any reason, you realize that “lebienism” is no longer compatible to your character, simply click on the unsubscribe button to bring relief to your conscience. You will no longer be billed by the Institution.

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