You want to learn a new language!!!
At what level would you perform in this language? Amateur / Professional / Expert

The best technique to learn a new language takes place by following a gradual and constant enrichment in new linguistic acquisitions through personal discipline.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with certain keywords or very common words that are used daily in simple conversations.

The second step is to proceed with the identification of the language structure: “the relationship and position of the various components in sentence formation”.

The third step is to pass to the growth of your vocabulary using audio-visual means.

I would love to be your facilitator in learning a new language: “French, Spanish or Creole”. Contact me for more informations.
Starting January 1st 2018, You have free access to the e-content of the spanish course. It is a gift from “lebien” to you. It consists of around 20.000 words. It is available online for your study.

Or you may buy the whole course with instructions included for US $300.00. For a period of three months, you will be lectured at the rate of two online encounters a week; a total of 24 sessions through the Center’s forum. Discounts are available for those who study in groups, up to 50%.

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