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There are people that just HAPPENED to be here.

There are people that are just HAPPY to be here.

There are people who want to know WHY they are here.

Who are you???

We are training a new generation of Masters
right here!!!

Lebienism is about self-empowerment.
The American president Barack Obama once said: ”yes we can”
Indeed you “can” if you have the “will”
Lebienism is one of the latest movements of the 21st century in our hemisphere to embrace what so many others have tried in the past:” the cause and welfare of the human race”. Whether you are white, black or yellow, you can be a lebienist.
Lebienism has been thoroughly thought of, pondered upon for over 20 years and brought to life by your servant. It has always been among us. But, in our egoistical way of life, we had chosen to ignore it.
Lebienism is independent from any faith, belief system and conviction. It solely relies on the desire to do good to the most possible extent, leaving the impossible to God.
Does your ego prevent you from doing good? It has to go!
Does your faith prevent you from doing good? You are on the wrong path as a human being! You need to think it over.
Are you convinced that you should not do good? What kind of human are you!!!
It would not be a surprise that you are probably evolving in an environment where a lot of bad things are happening, where a lot of suffering is taking place, where a lot of ignorant people have the upper hand. Of course! you are. Aren’t you on planet earth?
Lebienism values education, understanding and determination.
How good can you be about anything if you are not educated? We make education our number one priority. You need to be educated about the past, the present in order to foresee the future. Do you have any interest whatsoever in the future? Do you have it so good that you do not care about what happens tomorrow? Are you part of that group who makes it or brakes it as they will?
Understanding is very important to us. If you can not understand, you are worthless to your community, to society at large. This is why you have to be educated in order to understand. When you do, then you realize the need and urgency to help others do the same.
Determination is a trait that we nourish greatly. Only with determination will we be able to pursue our adamant goal which is to spread that much needed love that the world is suffering from the lack of. Through the Word and positive actions, we will eventually make a big difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters wherever they reside on this planet.
Lebienism will change your life forever. As life itself is about giving and taking, you must be ready to give and take in order to benefit from its wisdom.
Lebienism is doomed to move forward whether with one soul or a million souls. With one soul, it will not achieve much; however, with a million souls it will do a lot of good. Come and be a part of something worth living or dying for: ”le bien”. Would you want to join us today? If so, please click on the subscribe button and make it happen. You will be billed $25.00 on a monthly basis. Whenever you have a change of heart and decide to backtrack, you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe. All transactions on this site are final and will not be reimbursed.

For more information, contact us at hresources@lebien.net or call (561)562-0212.

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