Le Bien
never get tired of doing what is right because your reward will be divine.

          Not Me

Forget about me
Forget about me
Think about us
You will achieve better
If we work together
Think about us

My brother always thinks me
He always says this is for me
The same do my sisters
Fighting him for what is theirs.

The neighbour on the left always thinks me
The neighbour on the right always thinks me
They never realize the necessity
to be part of a community.

The big nation always thinks me
The small nation always thinks me
They always think about themselves
Craving in their selfishness

Ecrit en Juin 1987

                  My Love

My... my love
My love for you is a heavenly matter
My... my love
My love for you will last forever.

I don't know where I got it from
I just have it
And I am happy,
to have such love
I can feel It, down in my heart
feeding my blood.
My baby, it's yours
And only yours

Tell me darling what have we done
To deserve it
Such great happiness,
that's filling up our heart.
Tell me darling, if I am right
To love you so
There is no limit
It is all yours.

Ecrit en Juillet 1991


               New Face

A new face is on the scene
A new face has spurted from the dark
A new face is on the scene
Such new face won't let you down.

Have confidence in it
Cause it's singing for your freedom
Have confidence in it
Cause finally good days will come.

A new face is in the train
Sitting by you, travelling with you
A new face is in the plane
Making you happy, reassuring you.

A new face is everywhere
A new face can be your face
We can get together
To change the world's face

Ecrit en Novembre 1990


          Black and White

I am black, oh yeah, I am black
I am proud to be black.
You are white, oh yeah, you are white
you are proud to be white.
But you don't have any right
to oppress me.

As black and white in America,
we should have known better.
As black and white in America,
we should have tried harder
to optimize our lives, together.

Give me my chance,
just like you have had yours.
Don't try to keep me back.
when I am worth ahead of you.
Let's just walk side by side,
it will happen, we will succeed.

If we go back through history
we'll surely find those days
when we were close, as close as never
we were like twin brothers
we were there just to fight
for our freedom.

Ecrit en Mai 1991

                Steal the Dream

Little black man who is growing,
there is a truth, to you, which is hidden,
a truth they don't want you to talk about.
The American Dream was not designed for you.
All you can do is steal the dream,
and prove to them you deserved it.

Steal the dream, that's what you have to do.
Steal the dream, like a few others did before you.
Steal the dream, we need to be of a greater number.
Steal the dream and think about your brother.

When your ancestors were brought to America as slaves,
they experienced all kind of inhuman treatments.
Some of your brothers are still experiencing the same,
while some others are mentally ruined,
deviated from the route that could lead them
to the longuely dreamed, American Dream.

To steal the dream, you must be very straightforward,
and ready to defend your rights onward.
To steal the dream, you must give yourself an education,
and be ready to get over the obstacles on your way.
You'll surely find a lot of them on your way,
but, you will succeed in your obstination.

Ecrit en Juillet 1991



It's a shame
It's a shame, they let this happen to me.
It's a shame
It's a shame, they let me die in the sea.

I screamed and I screamed, nobody heard.
When I complained, nobody turned their head.

Is it for my face, is it for my race?
Just in this case, they put that in place.

Oh destiny, please tell me,
is it that, what you reserved for me.

Ecrit en Février 1993

                 I Told You

I told you I was in pain, I told you.
I told you I was starving, I told you.
I told you I was scared, I told you.
But you turned your back to me.
I told you my life was in danger, I told you.
I told you they were after me, I told you.
I told you I could get killed, I told you.
But you turned your back to me.

I sometimes wonder
did I have to tell you
cause I know that you know
as much as I do.

After many risks
in a challenging sea,
when I reach to your shores,
to me, you close your doors.

Now that I am dead,
by guns or in the sea,
you come playing the clown,
mourning with my family.

Ecrit en Mars 1995



I am not singing for singing,
I want to sing for change,
change in social life,
change in human right.

I want to sing today,
this song is not a play,
it is about a dream
that I longuely nurtured.
You are part of that dream,
I am part of it too.
We must work together
to make things happen.

I know how hard it is,
to bring change to this world,
when everything has been going wrong
in only one way so long.
But I think it's really worth
to give it a try.
We must work together
to make things happen.

No matter what is your race,
no matter your skin complexion,
no matter where you come from,
we must be melt in one,
cause the world needs a big change.
It has been going wrong.
We must work together,
definitely, things must happen.

Ecrit en Juillet 1990


Stop dreaming People, stop dreaming;
it's time for you to open your eyes,
stop dreaming People, stop dreaming,
it's time for you to face their lies.

For more than 200 hundred years,
you've been consuming your fears,
hiding them in a hell of dream,
I really wonder why that dream.

Can't you see that dream is not yours,
cause, in fact, it's really theirs.,
Look at them and look at you,
you'll realize what I' am saying is true.

You do work hard to make your day,
they almost over all your pay,
they sit there on their ass, watching,
a single penny in your pocket, coming.

Ecrit en Juillet 1990



It may seem to be a long time
since the first time I saw you
but there has not been a minute
that I have not thought of you

You've always been on my mind
you've always been on my mind
there, you've been everyday
there, forever, you will stay.

It is sad that at that time
I could not dare reveal my feelings for you
my greatest desire to be with you
and remain there till the end of time.

My sadness is even greater, endless
when I had to choose a different path
that lead me to anything but lovelessness
and the bitterness for being on such path.

Let's not hesitate, now we have the opportunity
today, from a distant wrong, to make a right.
Our soul, mind, spirit, body to unite
while taking an oath to eternity.

Ecrit en Décembre 2002
    You’re not excused

You're not excused, Lady
You're not excused
Don't say you are sorry,
You're not excused.
You should have known
The right thing you should do,
The wrong thing not to do,
You're not excused.

You're not excused, Buddy
You're not excused
Don't say you are sorry,
You're not excused.
How can you slap me in my face
And you are not expecting
I slap you back in your face,
You're not excused.

You're not excused, Nation
You're not excused
Don't take your words back
You're not excused
How can you treat me this way
And you do not want me
To tell the truth,
You're not excused.

Ecrit en Juillet 1990